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Meta is a fledgling group of artists and engineers with a diverse background of specialities. We're based in NW London at Kingsgate Workshops. My background was in BBC Visual Effects in the 1990s after which I went on to make automata and kinetic art for museums and public spaces. I now want to bring both the experienced and young talent together
to offer a specialist service in art engineering of all kinds - for artists, the theatre, festivals, films, television,
museums and protoyping for inventors. It's early days but when we become more established Meta will have
it's own website and we'll go from there......

meta head Tim Burton Carousel

Just had this little job to do for Tim Burton Productions - upgrading the mechanisms in his carousel (above).
It's a mechanical scupture with zany fairgound revloving elements, UFO and feathers with a huge plasma ball below.
It's lit in glowing colours to eerie Danny Elfman music It's part of a huge wonderful travelling exhibition of his drawings, sculpture, animation models and props. Soon to go to Mexico and then Brussels next year.

mechanical props   animatronics   models

Alas Smith model

Sweet shoot deatil


mechanical legs


animation models

mech props

lobster mech

trick weapons

animatronics - Dr Who


mechanical models

trick knife


tetrap skull


model effects

collection box