tom wilkinson
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Trick Chair for Groundhog Day

Paul Kieve asked me to make a prop for one of his illusions for the new musical of Groundhog Day at the Old Vic. It was the chair by the bed (seen below) used in the key transition scene when one actually sees night turn into day. The scene - Rita gets into bed while Phil's sitting on the edge in his suit - the lights go out, but not completely there are still pools of light in the room - the alarm clock sounds and it's daylight - Rita's disappeared, Phil's in bed in his boxers, his jacket hanging on its hook and his trousers appear draped over the back of the chair. Unfortunately I'm unable to give the trick away as it will spoil the magic. It forfilled an ambition to work with Paul, and on such a production - to be able to experience behind the scenes and work with such a skilled team of designers, actors and technicians and in this gorgeous and venerable theatre, was a dream come true. Read the Stage's review here.

Groundhog Day at the Old Vic. Photo: Manuel Harlan