tom wilkinson
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Airflow Aurora on Stubnitz
Let's Bounce Aurora on board the MS Stubnitz Light Wave at The Economist Plaza


Tom Wilkinson's background is in illusion, special effects and automata. He is a Kinetica Museum artist and has shown regularly at home and internationally for over ten years. His work is mainly light sculpture which involves exploiting properties of the eye and brain to create 4D or time based forms. His Clay Camera project lead him to exhibit at the British Ceramic Biennial and currently at Trinity Buoy Wharf. His work often takes inspiration from the physics of light and astronomy and he likes to subvert film equipment to make playful kinetic sculpture.

He cofounded the art collective Arts Republic making environmental public art and conducting educational projects using wind and solar power. He was associate lecturer unitl 2020 at UAL Wimbledon School of Art in Technical Arts and at the UCL Bartlett in environmental architecture.





clay camera

The Clay Camera