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Light Wave

Light Wave
Light Wave at The Economist Plaza
photo by Pawel Szewczyk

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Light Wave

Light Wave

The wave that ripples across the glass of Light Wave is a true sine-wave. Gravity and kinetic energy engage in a state of equilibrium enabling the ‘blades’ of glass, weighing a half of a ton, to be set in motion by a small motor, the equivalent of a single domestic light bulb. The sculpture investigates the ambiguous nature of matter; the glass in Light Wave appears to be molten, inviting us to reflect on the paradoxical nature of glass as an amorphous solid.

This is my most travelled artwork - Light Wave was installed from Dec 2008 to Feb 2009 in The Economist Plaza, St James London curated by The Contemporary Art Society and Kinetica Museum. It was exhibited at The 2009 Kinetica Art Fair at P3, Marylebone Road, London and Jeju Museum of Art, S. Korea. In 2010 it toured as an Arts Council experiment to place 'art' in a festival context: Glastonbury, Secret Garden and Waltham Forest Produced by Up Projects and Shangri-La. In 2011 it was in the Ars Electronica exhibition Wovon Traumen Machinen at Volkswagen Gallery, Berlin, courtesy of Kinetica Museum

I was fortunate to have a good budget for Light Wave, which allowed a very high standard of engineering. This artwork operates well outside and will continue to do so with little maintenance. Currently it is looking for a permanent home so I would be up to offers for the right place. My fantasy is a large grass lawn with aspects from all directions

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Light Wave