tom wilkinson
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Aurora I
Aurora I is highly engineered, tried-and-tested in all weathers, including gales, and looking for a suitable siting. I like the diredtness of wind energy and transforming the energy of the wind into light and colour, is so exciting. Aurora I generates electricity only when it turns, and changes colour as the wind speed changes.

It was installed for the one day event with Kinetica Museum on the MS Stubnitz at Canary Wharf in 2014 but they
allowed me to keep it their to fully test it in all kinds of weather conditions.

.Tom Wilkinson with Aurora
Aurora on show at Kinetica Artfair, P3 2014

On test in my garden

Aurora on test in my garden. (the solar panels on top have been removed)


The owners of The MS Stubnitz, Blo and Heiko kindly allowed Aurora I to stay on board the magnificent ship for tests, while moored at Canary Wharf with the Kinetica Museum show. During this week of high winds (some gusting at 55mph) the sculpture has been thoroughly put though its paces.



Aurora I on Stubnitz
Jean-Paul Berthoin