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Light Air

The new wind-sculpture stands at the entrance of Salisbury District Hospital's new wing which has spectacular views onto Salisbury Plain. (You tube movie below)

The wind turbine is a version of the Savonius turbine, It is made to be shell-like and to reflect both ambient and artificial light. The lights are LEDs and change colour each day in a sequence of four colours; purple, malachite (green/blue), orange and indigo. These colours have been specially selected as they instill a refreshing and calming feeling in the hope this will have appositive effect on visitors and staff at the Hospital. The sequence of four is means that each day of the week will not have a colour designated to it. So Monday, say, will not always be purple, intending to break that sense of routine. Sometimes the shell turbine will be still, sometimes turning sedately. I hope patients who might be confined to the ward, will look out of the window and feel, to some degree, in touch with the outside and natural force of the wind.

5.3m high, galvinised and epoxy-coated mild-steel

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Light Air Night time