tom wilkinson
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Chelsea Chelsea


Tom made two kinetic sculptures for Cancer Research UK’s garden at Chelsea Flower Show 2003. The garden designers Erik De Maeijer and Jane Hudson of Thompson Landscapes found Tom via the internet when they did a search for science-based kinetic art. The theme of the garden was ‘living with cancer’ and it was designed to instil a sense of tranquillity and meditation with Tom's sculptures as the focal points. The twin sculptures are the same configuration to Spirit with an undulating sine wave rising upwards. The moving form will suggest energy, the DNA helix and growth, and they have the same calming effect as Light Wave and Spirit. 'I had sold a similar sculpture to a health practitioner. She told me that the movement generates alpha-waves in the brain which has a relaxing and so, healing effect, just as looking at a body of water has a calming influence.'

350w x 350d x1800h electric motors, hardwood, blue nylon, PTFE and stainless steel

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