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Green Ray 2
Femme Fatale
Green Ray
Let's Bounce
Square Dance
Squaring the Sensual
Shell Series

Shell Series

My fascination with matter is inspired this series of works entitled
Shell. The title refers to a description I read about the outer layer of an atom being ‘a shell of electrons’. These three kinetic sculptures represent a continuation of his mental journeys into the fabric of ‘stuff’. The material latex has memory – the crystalline structure of the caste rubber behaves a bit like gravity, the mysterious ‘weak force’ that all matter is bound, makes it ping back into shape as the air pressure equalises. I also examine the perception of 'solidity' by presenting two simple forms and one representation of an everyday domestic object. They look like solid objects, that is until entropy ensues over the geometric, and the illusion of solidness immediately vanishes.

Latex, pumps, motor, timers