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Green Ray 2
Femme Fatale
Green Ray
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Square Dance
Squaring the Sensual
Shell Series

Green Ray 2 celebrates dysfunction by exploiting inaccuracies in the original Green Ray. I noticed that the contact between the carbon brushes and slip-rings could be disrupted and by doing so created interference, breaking up the green streak. Because the 'disruptor' motor and spin motor are autonomous so always out of syncronisation the trace is an infinitley changing pattern, I was very excited when I realised that the light trace in mid air, is actually 'describing' visually the mcroscopic imperfections in the carbon and brass contact surfaces. So this artwork investigates the surface of matter as well as the inner void. Like the earlier version Green Ray, the green traces evoking the early days of the cathode ray tube and oscilloscope. This work is both an acceptance of my technical limitations but also a tribute to man’s boundless enthusiasm for knowledge. I particularly wanted to this sculpture to have the presence of a venerable piece of apparatus that you might find in a scientist’s laboratory as a metaphor for a voyage of discovery, yet unfinished.

Dimensions:  39 x 39 x 54cm high

Materials: Brass, metals, mahogany, brushes, LEDs, motors and slip-rings.