tom wilkinson
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  LEDs, metals, mahogany electric motor

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Green Ray 2
Femme Fatale
Green Ray
Let's Bounce
Square Dance
Squaring the Sensual
Shell Series

Green Ray

This artwork is a tribute to man’s boundless enthusiasm for knowledge. I particularly wanted to this sculpture to have the presence of a venerable piece of apparatus that you might find in a scientist’s laboratory as a metaphor for a journey yet unfinished.

Recognising that all matter and physical objects are made of particles in motion with vast gaps of nothingness between their composite atoms, Wilkinson is interested in the movement of energy and the pattern that are created in the process. The spherical form is of particular interest as Wilkinson considers it to be the purest form in the physical world, the shape all matter, when fluid, gravitates towards. In 1998 Wilkinson began to experiment with spinning lights to produce illusory solid mass, where the traces of spun light produce volumic form.
Peter McKormack

32 x 32 x 54cm high - brass, slip rings, LEDs, motor and mahogany