tom wilkinson
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entanglement at rest



Entanglement 2017 painted brass, steel and cherry

Entanglement (below) is a new work. There are two versions; one hand cranked and one motorised behind glass.
They exploit the optical illusion - persistence of vision (in it's true sense), the two 'doughnuts' appear to interlock.
One motorised version was shown at the Osmosis Project's exhibition Eureka in The Art Pavillion, Mile End. It was
very exciting and a great honour exhibiting with the venerable artist David Medalla - he said Entanglement was 'sexy'

The hand operated one was shown in Gravity at the Hospital Club with Kinetica Museum. Both wonderful,
but very different, science/art exhibitons which have just closed. These ran almost concurrently which was
very exciting to be in both, but at times did entangle my brain. This artwork will be an addition of ten - the
video will be uploaded in the next few days